Meet a Member: Bryan

The atmosphere at Survive-a-Storm Shelters is one of unity, loyalty, and harmony.  Our team members all love what they do and one of the most connected parts of the job is reaching out to our customers.  Bryan is one of our lead residential sales team members and one of his favorite parts about his job is helping families get protection.  Each day, Bryan spends hours on the phone discussing the integrity of our storm shelters, helping potential customers in their research to find the perfect shelter to suit their needs.  And for Bryan, each phone call is just as important and unique as the next.  Every customer has a degree of varying needs that he wants to accommodate.

                                             Bryan is customer service at its finest.

Survive-a-Storm Shelters has been voted #1 in Customer Service in Home Depot’s Service Provider vendors.  We weren’t ‘given’ that honor.  It is something that Bryan and our whole team take seriously and we do our very best to earn that title every single day.  No matter how superior our product is on the market, no matter how many lives we save, if we aren’t taking the best care of our customers, we’ll simply be just another storm shelter company.

We are thankful to have someone like Bryan on our team.  He cares about his customers, he cares about his potential customers, and he cares about their loved ones.  If you would like to speak to Bryan or any one of our other sales team members, give us a call today.  They’ll answer your questions, ease your mind, and fit you and your loved ones into the perfect storm shelter.

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