Fall tornado season hits from Plains into Southeast


callLast weekend, a storm system hit the Plains and the Southeast, producing more than two dozen tornadoes that left destruction behind, injuring at least 30 and killing one. The storms blew through towns in Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Worse than predicted

Although early morning warnings from the Storm Prediction Center predicted a “slight” risk of severe weather, at least 26 confirmed tornadoes hit Illinois alone, the most to hit the state during a single December day on record.

Andy Goodall, Taylorville, Ill., assistant fire chief,  said the tornado took a path almost directly through the town, tearing roofs off of homes, including his own.

People were trapped inside 12 or 15 homes, he said in an interview with the Breeze Courier on Saturday night.

Plan ahead

Such a fate can be avoided by planning ahead and installing a Survive-a-Storm shelter. First, do your research. Investigate whether an above ground or below ground shelter is best for your needs.

Then, practice and prepare for a storm. Watch for dangerous weather signs. Finally, take shelter in the right place.




Answers to Some Basic Questions about Storm Shelters

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