Checkout Our Newest Model: Twister Pod Max

Our most popular model, the Twister Pod, just received a new big brother–the Twister Pod Max model!  The cylindrical storm shelter holds up to 6 occupants and has been through all of testing and design expectations of the ICC-500 building codes.  Our customers asked, and we provided!  After many calls of people asking for the Twister Pod to be larger because they loved the design but their family was too large for the smaller one, the Twister Pod Max was born.

max model

And right now, we are offering 20% off on all new sales of our Twister Pod Max!  This is a limited time introductory offer, so now is the time to buy!  The unit measure 5 feet in diameter and is 6 feet tall.  Bench seating provides comfort while riding out any tornado.  Just knowing there is 73,600 pounds of pressure keeping this unit in place should make any owner feel that peace of mind that comes with owning a storm shelter from America’s #1 provider even safer!

max model

We kept the same neutral color, and there is plenty of ventilation!  Whether you want your Twister Pod Max on your carport, in your garage, or even bolted to a cement slab in your back or side yard, you can rest assured that your safety is solid, safe, and secure.

Please don’t delay when it comes to providing protection for you and your loved ones.  Tornadoes are messy and unpredictable and are almost always devastating.  Give us a call today and place your order!  We promise you won’t be sorry!



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