Alabama and Oklahoma Safe Rooms Keep Us Busy

Wow! Alabama, What a month for Community Safe Rooms December 2012 has been!

Community safe rooms are the best way to protect dozens, even hundreds, of people during bad weather, and we have been happy to provide the ultimate protection to two more counties this month. DeKalb County in Alabama welcomed five new Survive-a-Storm 96-person community safe rooms this  month, while Taloga, Oklahoma, in Dewey County, saw the construction of an even larger community safe room!AlabamaThe community safe rooms are all a little different which made things even more interesting. For instance, Mentone, Alabama opted for two community safe rooms connected with a walkway, while Geraldine, Alabama chose to add wing walls and berming to their safe room. Other options for safe rooms include the additions of bathrooms, generators, forced air ventilation, and center benches.Click here to visit our Facebook page to view pictures of these amazing structures and their installations. You can send us a message there as well!Give us a call at 888-360-1492 today to order a community safe room for your business, church, daycare center, or any organization that might need storm protection for multiple people.

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