Above Ground Steel Storm Shelters Are Perfect for All Storms

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Tropical Storm Colin is kicking up some winds and increasing momentum as it tries to decide on whether it wants to be a hurricane or not.  Reports state that the most of the sunshine state will be impacted in some way, including massive rain, some flooding, and tornado outbreaks.

So how can above ground steel storm shelters be helpful during a tropical storm or hurricane?

hurricane colin tropical storm colin above ground steel storm shelters
Tropical Storm Colin is headed towards the lower Southeast and will most likely cause some damage.

Since tropical storm winds can be as strong as 73 miles per hour, tornado or no tornado, people will need protection from flying debris and winds.  One state expected to also be particularly impacted is Alabama.  Since Tropical Storm Colin’s center is expected to reach the Florida Big Bend area by Monday, Alabama will be slammed with heavy rains and winds which can take down trees, cause power outages, and produce widespread flooding.Another possibility of the storm surge that comes with tropical storms and hurricanes are tornado outbreaks.  In a supercell storm, most tornadoes are spawned and then wreak havoc on any area it decides to touch down.This is one of the reasons, here at Survive-a-Storm, that we closely monitor hurricane season as well as tornado season.  We want to make sure people are protected from ANY storm.  You don’t have to live in tornado alley to experience a tornado.  In fact, tornadoes are one of the most chaotic forces of Mother Nature known to mankind.    There’s no telling where the next one will pop up.So for us, we try to be more vigilant in making sure our shelters are available to anyone who wants one.  Not only do we sell our tornado safe rooms and storm shelters through local Home Depot locations, but we also have them available on the Home Depot website, or you can order direct from the factory if you are further out of our service area.  Hurricane season is a good reason to move forward with the purchase of either an underground storm shelter or above ground steel storm shelters.  Let us help you find the best storm shelter to fit your needs.  Call 888-360-1492 today.

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