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Installing an above ground community storm shelter
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US Steel above ground community storm shelter from Survive-a-Storm Shelters
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Transitional Community Storm Shelters

15-79 Occupant Solutions

Transitional Community Storm Shelter

The Survive-a-Storm transitional community storm shelter was developed in response to requests by our friends in the oil and gas industry for semi-permanent but relocatable transitional community storm shelters to protect oil field workers from tornadoes. Survive-a-Storm has placed hundreds of tornado shelters throughout Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Ohio, and other states in Tornado Alley. We understand the importance of protecting your employees from the severe wind risks posed by quick developing storms that can spawn EF5 tornadoes.

Our transitional community storm shelters are a practical, easily deployable and relocatable storm sheltering solution for 10-1,500+ occupants. We know that outdoor workers have a hard job, and we’re there to make sure that they are safe while they are doing it.

These transitional community storm shelters are designed to be ballasted by sand or the overburden removed from a shallow excavation. A massive steel ballast foundation is filled with sand or soil, covered with a steel floor, and then fitted with a quonset style above ground community storm shelter. Constructed of quarter-inch steel, the transitional community storm shelter is designed and engineered to withstand the powerful forces of 250 MPH EF5 tornado winds.

These uniquely designed transitional community storm shelters are also ideal for construction crews and road crews working in remote areas where it may be difficult to seek shelter in the event of a tornado strike.

How do you know you can trust a Survive-a-Storm transitional community storm shelter to protect you from an EF5 tornado? If you’re an engineer, the answer will be self-evident. If you’re not an engineer, you can rely upon the fact that our community shelters are sealed by the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA), tested at Texas Tech University, and used by US Steel Company. ¬†That’s right! The largest steel company in the world trusts Survive-a-Storm Shelters with the lives and safety of their employees–and they know a thing or two about steel!

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