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Off The Grid™ Survival Bunkers

Survive-a-Storm Shelters is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of economical underground survival bunkers such as the Off The Grid™ underground survival shelter by Survive-a-Storm Shelters. This is the same survival bunker deployed on military installations throughout the U.S. and can be equipped with life support systems to facilitate underground sheltering in place.


DefenderVault™ Bulletproof Panic Rooms

Survive-a-Storm Shelters has developed a line of bulletproof above ground panic rooms that are NIJ Level 2-A ballistic rated, meaning that they will withstand gunfire from calibers as large as a 45 ACP. When seconds and minutes matter in a home invasion or kidnapping attempt scenario, your assailant’s efforts will be thwarted with the DefenderVault™ above ground panic room by SAS.

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Off The Grid™ Survival Bunkers by SAS

The Survive-a-Storm Off The Grid™ Underground Survival Bunker is a versatile, practical, and economical underground survival bunker. These bunkers are available starting $19,995 and, with an innovative modular design, can be configured in a nearly unlimited number of length and width configurations. We have a few types of survival shelters for sale, all built to PROTECT.

SAS customers range from security conscious customers to Fortune 500 companies to the United States Military. That’s right! The United States Armed Forces utilize the same bunkers that we market and sell directly to the public. Our underground survival shelters are simply built to protect and save lives.


DefenderVault™ Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Rooms by SAS



It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. It’s 3 AM and you hear the shatter of glass somewhere in your home.  You only have seconds to grab the kids and get to safety.  That’s where the DefenderVault™ Bulletproof Panic Room by SAS can save your life.

Don’t let a burglar or kidnapper wreck your life.  With the DefenderVault™ Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Room by SAS, even the most sophisticated intruder has met their match. Constructed of quarter-inch steel, these custom survival shelters will withstand multiple gunshots from weapons as large as a 45 ACP. That’s serious protection, and it’s invaluable peace of mind. Call us today to get started in owning the best survival shelter selection in the USA.

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