Tornado Damage Insurance?  How Do You Know You Are Covered?

Insurance, much like a tornado shelter, is something everyone wants when they need it.  Winds from tornadoes can cause damage to your home, your car, and even take the lives of those you love.  It is important to know and understand what your insurance covers in the event of a tornado.

Most Home Owners Insurance policies cover certain threats such as hail and wind, often direct results of tornadoes.  One thing to consider and research is if your company includes or excludes this type of coverage, the deductibles, and the limits of the policy so you are not caught off-guard in the event you need it.  Be sure to check for flood damage as well.  Generally, floods are not covered in a general homeowners’ insurance policy.

Car insurance most generally covers wind damage under the comprehensive coverage.  Comprehensive coverage is not mandatory unless your vehicle is leased or financed, so for those who are only required to have liability insurance, chances of your vehicle being covered is low.  One thing to keep in mind should your automobile become damaged, is to file immediately with your insurance company, figure out what is and is not covered (i.e. Personal items left in car), and be patient with your insurance company, especially if there is a possibility of multiple claims flooding in at once from a tornado in your area.

In conclusion, it is best if you know what your car and home owners’ insurance will cover before a tornado occurs.  Each insurance company, type of policy, and region are not universal in their coverage.  Know what you know what you know.  Knowledge is Power.

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