Summer Safety Tips: Protect the Children

Summer is here at last!  As parents, we have a mix of emotions, because, while some of us parents are at work, our kids are free from school and schedules.  As parents, it is up to us to make sure, even when we are not with them, that they are safe!

Teaching summer safety tips to our children will be beneficial to them during those times when they are with friends or other family members who might not be thinking ahead.

Summer is for swimming—it is so hot!  Wearing sunscreen is of utmost importance.  An SPF of no less than 30 as well as light clothing is helpful to prevent sunburn and unhappy children.  Parents, too!  With Melanoma so prevalent, sun safety needs to be a top priority!  Be sure your children know the importance of sunburn protection so they can either put sunscreen on themselves, or alert another adult to do so for them.

When around or near water, it is important to always have an adult with children, even if they have been taught how to swim.  Younger children might panic if they fall in and get caught off-guard. Teaching small children while they are young the importance of not running at a pool will help minimize accidents, too.

The flying and/or creepy crawlies of summer can be quite a nuisance also.  There are wasps, bees, mosquitoes, ticks, snakes, chiggers, and the list goes on.  If your child or children like to play outdoors, it is best to teach them to be aware of bugs and snakes that can hurt them.  Ticks are especially bad this time of year and can carry diseases, while snakes like to hide in trees, bushes, tall grass.  Raise your child’s awareness so they are always conscious as to watch where they step, climb, or crawl when playing outdoors.


Summer can be the best time of the year, with so many fun things to do and so many things to explore.  We want our children to enjoy those endless summer days and nights, while at the same time, knowing how to make smart, safe choices.  Protect your greatest assets—the children.  Always have a safety plan in place, no matter what season or situation they are in.  Have a great summer!


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