DefenderVault™ Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Room

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. It’s 3 AM and you hear the shatter of glass somewhere in your home. You only have seconds to grab the kids and get to safety. That’s where the DefenderVault™ Bulletproof Panic Rooms by SAS can save your life.

What is a panic room? Don’t let a burglar or kidnapper wreck your life. With the DefenderVault™ Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Room by SAS, even the most sophisticated intruder has met their match. Constructed of quarter-inch steel, these survival shelters will withstand multiple gunshots from weapons as large as a 45 ACP. That’s serious protection, and it’s invaluable peace of mind.

If your spouse and children are home alone while you work out of town, there is no need to worry. Having a safety plan in place provides great assurance against unexpected intruders or attackers. The best part is, our Bulletproof Panic Rooms are not just for the rich. Our survival bunkers can be as affordable or as luxurious as you choose. We take pride in building a panic room for your family and friends, knowing it may help protect your loved ones in case the unimaginable happens.


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