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Missouri Storm Shelters

Whoever said that Missouri is not a part of ‘tornado alley’ surely doesn’t know their specifics.  In fact, in many of the “Tornado Risk Maps” show at least half of the state as being a part of zone 4 which includes EF5 tornadoes and 250 mph winds.  To say that Missouri isn’t a valid contender for a position in tornado alley is an insult to the ‘Show Me’ state residents.  In 2006, there were 102 tornadoes recorded, although annually they average 32 tornadoes.  Missouri also has what some call a double tornado season, meaning they have two separate seasons where tornadoes are expected.  Their heavy season is from April through June, and then a second season occurs towards the end of that same year.  Missouri’s annual average of fatalities is four.Since Survive-a-Storm Shelters recognizes the dangers that Missouri natives face during a tornado, we have developed above ground steel storm shelters with consumers like them in mind.  As authorized service providers for The Home Depots across the nation, our Twister Pod and Extreme tornado safe rooms are on display in some parts of Missouri.  And we expect that list to grow in the future. Our most popular shelters are on display in the following store locations. Simply click on the link below, on the map flag above, or enter your zip code in the search box above to quickly find the Home Depot store in Missouri that carries Survive-a-Storm Shelters nearest to where you live.  

We Sell Storm Shelters in These Home Depot Stores in Missouri

 The Home Depot at Osage Beach Pkwy in Osage Beach, MOThe Home Depot at E 20th Street in Joplin, MOThe Home Depot at E Independence in Springfield, MOThe Home Depot at Branson, MO