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Storm Shelters in Norman, OK

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About Norman, Oklahoma

Norman, Oklahoma, is located in Cleveland County, is just 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City, and has a total estimated population of 118,255 people. The city has experienced 276 tornadoes since 1950. Norman is at very high risk for tornado activity, with an average of 4 tornadoes per year, typically resulting in 1 fatality. The National Weather Center, located in Norman, houses a collection of university, state, federal, and private sector organizations that work together to improve the understanding of events related to the Earth’s atmosphere. Norman lies in Tornado Alley, a geographic region where tornadic activity is frequent and intense.Public school districts in Oklahoma are independent of other local governments. Several districts overlap the municipal boundaries of the City of Norman. Norman Public Schools is the largest district serving Norman. Noble Public Schools is a school district that serves southeastern portions of Norman, the adjoining cities of Noble and Slaughterville, and parts of Cleveland County. Little Axe Public Schools serves the eastern area of Norman. Several private schools also serve the area. The University of Oklahoma is the biggest university in the state of Oklahoma, with approximately 31,000 students enrolled. The University of Oklahoma employs over 10,800 personnel across three campuses, making it a significant driver of Norman’s economy. In addition to weather, Norman is home to other scientific ventures – public and private. Other major employers in the city include Norman Regional Health System, Norman Public Schools, Johnson Controls, Griffin Memorial Hospital, Hitachi, Astellas Pharma Technologies, Albon Engineering, Xyant Technology, MSCI, Office Max National Sales Center, SITEL, the United States Postal Service National Center for Employee Development, Sysco Corporation, and AT&T.

Storm Shelters in Norman, OK available at The Home Depot

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