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Kansas Storm Shelters

Anyone who has ever watched the tornado scene from The Wizard of OZ knows that the only real tornado feeling that the movie offers is when Auntie Em and the rest of the men seek shelter in their storm cellar.  The real devastation and chaos that comes with the manifestation of a tornado is nearly impossible to depict in a child’s movie.  Considered the heart of tornado alley, the people of Kansas know all too well the danger and destruction that comes with being in the path of any tornado.That fact alone is reason enough for Survive-a-Storm Shelters and Home Depot to team up to offer storm shelters for the residents of Kansas.  And although Pittsburg, Kansas is the only Home Depot location currently displaying our products in this state, we are sure that won’t always be the case.  Whether you see us in Pittsburg or on the web, our tornado safe rooms are reign supreme.  Survive-a-Storm Shelters are sold in the following Home Depot store in the state of Kansas. Our most popular shelters are on display in the following store locations.  Simply click on the link below, on the map flag above, or enter your zip code in the search box above to quickly find the Home Depot store in Kansas that carries Survive-a-Storm Shelters nearest to where you live. 

We Sell Storm Shelters in This Home Depot Stores in Kansas

 The Home Depot at N. Broadway in Pittsburg, KS