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Georgia Storm Shelters

While tornadoes in Georgia are not quite as common of an occurrence as northern Texas or Oklahoma, however, January 2017 proved they can cause death and devastation even there.  Just because a state does not have a big part of tornado alley, that doesn’t mean that many people living in Georgia aren’t wanting to be prepared.  As chaotic and random as tornadoes can be, no matter where a person lives, they need a safe place to weather the storm.  Even Kia Motors knows the value of steel tornado safe rooms having purchased several large shelters to protect their employees in West Point, Georgia.Survive-a-Storm Shelters has developed a relationship with The Home Depot, and since corporate offices are located in Atlanta, they are all too aware of the value and importance of buying, selling, and owning our residential storm shelters.  Happily displaying some of our more popular tornado safe rooms, the Home Depot Associates are helping consumers choose which above ground steel storm shelter best fits their own needs.   Our most popular shelters are on display in the following store locations.  Simply click on the link below, on the map flag above, or enter your zip code in the search box above to quickly find the Home Depot store in Georgia that carries Survive-a-Storm Shelters nearest to where you live.

We Sell Storm Shelters in These Home Depot Stores in Georgia

The Home Depot at Shugart Rd, Dalton, GAThe Home Depot at Central Ave in Cordele, GAThe Home Depot at Sowega Dr in Columbus, GA