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How do you secure safe rooms to floor?


It is a misnomer that “bigger is better” when referring to concrete anchors. Most all safe rooms are installed on an existing 4″ concrete foundation. If a company advertises an anchor that has an embedment length of great than 3″ then the installer will most likely drill through the foundation. This will expose the anchor to the soils below and void the warranty. We use 3/8″ x 3″ embedment ITW Redhead anchors every 12″ on our shelters. Each anchor has an ultimate tension (pullout) strength of 5,940 pounds. Our Extreme 6×4, for example, is anchored with 20 ITW bolts with a holding power of 118,800 PSI. Our smaller Twister Pod is anchored with 12 ITW bolts yielding a holding power of 71,280 PSI. With these anchors, our shelters are over-engineered for your safety and we are sure not to void the warranty or design of the anchors.

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