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What Behavior Does Your Company Reflect?

With all the political unrest and the newly developing culture of rudeness being spread across different parts of America right now, one thing we do as a company is to avoid getting caught up in any kind of grievances with our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’.  Our company thrives off hard work, honesty, no-drama, and a family-like atmosphere.  We know there are competitors out there who like to try to start things to try and throw us off our game, but rest assured, we are and will remain steady.

We focus on bringing our consumers the most durable, unsurpassed, well-built, dependable, American-made, life-saving products in the storm shelterunderground bunkerpanic room industry.

Underground Storm Shelter Safe Room by Survive-A-Storm Company
Large or small, our company makes them all.
DCIM100MEDIADJI_0080.JPG         Known as America’s #1 storm shelter provider, Survive-a-Storm Shelters’ products are the only storm shelters found inside the walls of the well-loved and recognized company, The Home Depot.  And out of the nearly 1500 Home Depot service providers, we rank #1 in customer satisfaction.  That’s saying something!  We are extremely humbled, and honored.Being in that kind of top position, we can say that we have encountered some opposition.  Since the beginning of the year, our sales volume has increased.  A majority of our incoming calls are due to the 138 tornadoes that have pounded the Southern states already this year.  Sadly, however, some of our calls are coming directly from our so-called competitors who are childishly prank calling.  We can spot them a mile away, and needless to say, we’ve got their number.  But we refuse to let their juvenile antics keep us from manufacturing, delivering, and installing the best products on the market.extreme-tornado-shelter-by-surviveastorm company finished-product company suella-barnett company

  Some advice to our future consumers:

Please, please research the company you purchase your storm shelter or safe room from.  Whether it is Survive-a-Storm Shelters or some other company, make sure they are FEMA compliant, follow ICC-500 building codes, that their products have been tested (and have passed) an impact test from a certified authority (such as the Texas Tech Wind Institute) and that they are members of the National Storm Shelter Association who monitors them.   With tornadoes being so prevalent already this year, ‘storm shelter companies’ as well as ‘bunker companies’ are going to keep popping up all over and it takes more than a few weeks or months to develop a product worthy of keeping your family safe and protected from an EF5 tornado.

We are going to continue ignoring the companies that keep prank calling us.  We don’t have time for petty behavior.  We will even let them believe they are ‘rising’ to the top competitor spot in our market.  But while they play games, we save lives.  And we will continue to be America’s #1 company that creates products for families, small and large businesses, communities, and even our wonderful military that are always Solid. Safe. Secure.
The leading manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated steel above ground and below ground tornado shelters, and community safe rooms.
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