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Underground Tornado Cellars

When some folks think of an underground  tornado storm cellar, they think of a dark underground cavern with hardly any amenities. Maybe stored water, and a little dried food, but that’s about it.

Fortunately, today, underground tornado cellars are manufactured by storm shelter companies out of various materials.

Below ground storm shelterUnderground tornado shelterAt Survive-a-Storm Shelters, we put together the finest steel tornado cellar construction to protect you, your family, and as many friends or community members you can fit inside your underground tornado cellar.When planning for your underground tornado cellar, it is important to remember the water level of the surrounding area.Although we sell only steel shelters, some tornado shelters are not made out of steel, and are limited to the life of the construction material.  It is a known fact that steel outlasts both concrete and fiberglass and are not only more durable, but when powder coated like ours, they don’t leak. Contact Survive-a-Storm Shelters today to plan for the safety of your family or community before the next tornado season hits.  You can call 888-360-1492 any time to speak to one of our underground  residential and commercial tornado experts.
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