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Twin Tornadoes Hit Nebraska

Double or twin tornadoes touched down in northeast Nebraska this week and was caught on video. Officials who surveyed the damage estimated that 75% of the town was destroyed or partly damaged, including houses, a school, a fire station and a church. The small town of Pilger, population 378, which experienced wind speeds varying from 166 to 200 miles per hour according to a meteorologist from the National Weather Service, suffered two casualties and numerous injuries – the first time in 10 years a death was caused from a tornado.
twin tornadoes
Rare twin tornadoes in Nebraska
Residents are relying heavily on support from outside sources to provide lifesaving essentials such as shelter, clothing, and meals. The American Red cross is in town to assist residents during this difficult time, but there is a lesson to be learned from the devastation this week.

There are a handful of causes when it comes to twin tornadoes some include:

  • -Occlusion process: a twister starts to slow down when it gets into cool, moist air but it still can create enough energy in the storm system to spawn another spinning column of air nearby.
  • -When a tornado is dying off, still touching the ground, it could simple continue to spew energy into another system and form another twister. It’s a relatively common situation but the Nebraska twisters were unusually longer than normal.
  • -Multiple-vortex: the storm’s main vortex spawns other vortices that can taper out of each other and have the spread of more than one.
  • -They form from two separate supercells in a close radius and simultaneously join paths.
Although severe storms and tornadoes are more common to their Kansas neighbors, twin tornadoes like the ones in Nebraska seem to be occurring in more areas of the country that aren’t used to them. All it takes is one to destroy homes and lives, which is why residents in states like Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, Alabama, and Illinois should be prepared for such disasters. A simple, easy, and very cost effective solution that can be used for years to come that will ensure safety is a twister pod. Inexpensive and durable, twister pods are above ground shelters that can house multiple occupants and withstand EF5 level winds.FEMA released a press release in order to offer assistance to peopl-e in Nebraska needing help. They are providing an application for assistance that can help cover costs in removal or debris, repairing and replacing public facilities and pay for emergency protective measures.If you want to know who to call to prepare for tornadoes, call Survive-a-Storm at 888-360-1492
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