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Tornado—No Longer Afraid

A tornado is a scary event!In March of 1925, a deadly twister tore through three states—Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana—giving it the name “The Tri-State Tornado”.  One of the deadliest of its kind, this mile-wide tornado killed 695 people, as it traveled 219 miles at 70 miles per hour over a period of 3 hours.In November of 2002, an F4 destroyed the entire northwest corner of Van Wert, Ohio.  Damages were estimated at $100 million.  Besides, Ohio, other states that were impacted by this particular tornado outbreak include Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, New York, and Iowa.As experts in twister related weather and events, we understand that there are “seasons” where tornadoes are more prevalent than at other times throughout the year.  Most of the tornadoes seem to occur in the spring, and a second season in the fall.

Even still, there is no real way to fully predict when a tornado will spring up.

Extreme model above ground storm shelter protects against a tornado
This happy daddy is thrilled to have a tornado safe room to protect his family.
What makes this fact more important than scary is that unlike the tornadoes of 1925 and 2002, we now have tornado safe rooms which can protect lives.  Unlike the underground root cellars of old, which were difficult for the elderly and handicapped to enter, having an above ground tornado safe room is now the new norm.Thanks to building codes and guidelines within the tornado industry, Survive-a-Storm Shelters is regarded the very best built storm shelter company in the industry.  As service providers for The Home Depot, our shelters are quickly becoming a household staple, not only throughout Tornado Alley, but all across the lower 48 states.This is exciting to us!  This opens the door for more opportunities to save lives, while making real connections with real people.  We love what we do!  Our company lives and breathes as one large family.  Our Outside Field Representatives are working in Home Depots across the nation to bring pertinent and vital information to our consumers.  And we consider our customers as family also!If you would like to be someone who survives the next tornado that just shows up out of nowhere, give us a call and let us help you get protected.  There is no better time than now to order your storm shelter and get on the installation list.  Don’t wait another day, give us a call today!  888-360-1492
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