The Derecho, Summer 2012

A derecho?! What the heck was that?! Out of nowhere, a mega windstorm from the Midwest assaulted nine states on the night of Friday, June 29, 2012. It uprooted giant trees, tore roofs from houses, and killed unsuspecting people. How did this happen and how do we describe it?

The storm is called a “derecho,” and it is a windstorm without a cyclone, with high, damaging winds up to 100 mph. This particular storm is not very common, and when it does occur, it usually stays west of the Appalachian Mountains.

This time however, the air was hot enough that it didn’t dissipate there; it just kept going, all the way to the Chesapeake Bay and beyond. The storm reached places like Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia around midnight Friday. Residents were not necessarily prepared, though there had been a warning of a “high risk” threat around 6:30 pm. Many people may not have realized the potential danger, as they are not used to that kind of weather coming from that direction.Unfortunately, some people were killed this weekend because of the derecho. It is another hard learning experience: deadly weather is not predictable, and we must pay attention to weather alerts and protect our families accordingly.Safe rooms may have saved some lives last Friday night. They are above ground, easy to install, and fit inside most garages and basements. Call Survive-a-Storm Shelters today at 888-360-1492: you’ll find that purchasing a safe room or storm shelter will be one of the most sensible choices you could ever make for your family.
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