Can we talk?


In the famous words of the late Joan Rivers, “Can we talk?”

We love to talk around here at Survive-a-Storm.We love to talk about all things involving weather, safe rooms, storm shelters, and storm preparation.  We believe that we have the best safe rooms and storm shelters in the business and we’re not shy when it comes to spreading that news.  From our talented welders out in the factory to our tireless team of installers on the road, we never miss an opportunity to share the good news about our potentially life-saving products.

One of our welders hard at work doesn't take much time to talk.

Many of our customers are what we like to call “word of mouth” customers.  These are people who have heard from other Survive-a-Storm customers how great our shelters are and get in touch with us for one of their very own.  We like that.  It shows that we care about our customers and from start to finish they are happy with our product and are willing to pass that happiness along to someone else.We also have people who find us on social media.  We are excited about every new “like” on Facebook we receive and love answering any questions that appear on our page.  We’re on Twitter and Instagram too and love hash tagging about our #awesomestormshelters.  We also have a really informative, user friendly website with a feature that always comes in handy…CHAT.  Any customer at any time can jump on website and ask a quick, or lengthy question.  You will always find that we are eager to help you find the right safe room or storm shelter for your specific needs.So take advantage of one of the many ways of contacting us and let’s get to chatting!  And don’t worry about talking too much…we don’t believe in that!

The leading manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated steel above ground and below ground tornado shelters, and community safe rooms.
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