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Stealing: It's an Ugly Look on You!

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Here we go again.  This is the third or fourth time in the past year or so that a “competitor” has stolen our product illustrations and misappropriated them for their own purposes.  One company even had the gall to lift a photograph of one of our welders in our factory who was wearing a shirt on which our logo was clearly visible!  Stealing is stealing!

The culprit this time is American Tornado Master out of Texas.  Apparently their shelters don’t look as good as ours do, so they got caught stealing an illustration of our ShelterCube Estate and put it on the home page of their website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.52.01 PM of stealing
American Tornado Master gets caught stealing one of our shelter designs.
Does that image on the right sidebar look familiar?  Well, it should.  Check out the Survive-a-Storm ShelterCube Estate above ground safe room.If it looks familiar, it’s because they COPIED it from our website and misappropriated the use of the image on their own website.  Can you trust a company that steals the intellectual property of their competitors?  I should think not.  How do I know that they stole this image from Survive-a-Storm Shelters?  Because I personally commissioned this illustration from a professional illustrator.This is, unfortunately, far too common in the storm shelter industry.  Another company tried to ride our coattails, and we sued them in U.S. Federal Court and extracted a hefty settlement.  Why?  Because companies work very hard to create products.  Honest companies like ours spend considerable sums to develop engineering plans and specifications.  It’s simply not right for a company like American Tornado Master to steal our intellectual property.  By the way, that company that we sued is no longer in the storm shelter business.The only conclusion that we can draw is that American Tornado Master’s shelters didn’t look good enough to feature on their home page, so they copied one of our illustrations instead.  They say that imitation is the best form of flattery.  We just think it’s stealing!  And no one likes a thief.
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