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Shelter Rebate Applications Available!!

We love when your state or county is able to offer a storm shelter rebate! It makes it just that much easier for Survive-a-Storm Shelters to protect our fellow Americans!
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Check out our storm shelter options!

Who couldn’t use a good shelter rebate?

Wichita County, TX, the most north-central county in the state, has announced that 100 storm shelter rebates are available NOW!This is a 50:50 matching grant program, where recipients can expect up to a $3000! This is not a deal to be missed; submit your application today! Download the Storm Shelter Rebate Application. They’ll begin accepting the applications on January 15, 2013.Previously, their neighboring county, Cooke County, also had applications available…if you live in either of these locales, please look into possibly obtaining a substantial rebate!Good luck, and we hope to provide you with the highest quality shelters in America!
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