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Your Shelter Installation :Choose Not to Wait

We love when our residential customers plan for what might lie ahead.  According to our installation team, some of our most recent customers, James from Arley, Alabama and William from Mountain Home, Arkansas were thrilled with their new shelters.
tornado safe room, installation
Customer James in Arley, Alabama is happy with h is recent 4×4 Extreme installation.
tornado safe room, storm shelter, installation
Customer William and his wife in Mountain Home, Arkansas are ready for tornado season early with the recent installation of their 6×4 Extreme tornado safe room
But that’s not all.  The Caterpillar company in North Little Rock, Arkansas also recently had our installers working to place a Twister Pod on their property to protect their security guards.  This recent trend in getting a jump on tornado season plays favorably in that many people are aware of the importance of not waiting too late.

What is the installation schedule looking like?

Currently, we can get new customers into their shelters within 2-3 weeks, depending on location and weather.  As the season begins to pick up after the first of the year, our installation calendar becomes quite full.  Even still, our standard installations usually take 4 weeks or less.And with our Outsides Sales Representatives like Jackie Brooks working in Home Depot locations across the states to showcase our products, our tornado safe rooms are definitely a hot commodity.
Our Outside Sales Representative, Jackie Brooks, working The Home Depot in Norman, Oklahoma. Jackie also does our site visits to help customers find the best location for their tornado safe room.
We love to make our customers happy as well as give them peace of mind.  What better way to do it than to make sure the purchase and installation of our products is seamless and professional.  Most of our reviews highlight our professional installation teams, our outside sales representatives, and our wonderful customer service.
storm shelter, tornado safe room, installation
The Twister Pod, which will protect the security guards, is being offloaded and ready for installation at the North Little Rock Caterpillar Company.
When you decide to add peace of mind to your life by ordering a storm shelter or any of our other products, rest assured that we are here to serve you.  We are honored to be America’s #1 tornado safe room and storm shelter company, and we want to make you proud.  The only way we know how to do that is by making sure our tornado safe rooms are the safest and best in the industry.Give us a call today at 888-360-1492 and let us install a tornado safe room that fits your needs.  Our installation team won’t let you down!
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