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Prepping isn't such a bad idea

Sometimes it feels like people are counting down: some believe that civilization as we know it is on the brink of collapse. The world economy is shifting, and to many of us it feels as if the end is near—maybe not the end of the world per se, but an end to the way of life so many of us enjoy. It’s not even that we’ve “become accustomed” to certain luxuries, because a large number of Western adults have only known air conditioning, processed foods, and motorized transportation. A major disruption in global (or even national) affairs would leave us essentially helpless.  Prepping for a major catastrophe doesn’t always cross someone’s mind.Enter the preppers. These are the individuals and families who are preparing for the worst. We see the reality shows about them and their stockpiles of food, water, weapons, and even sometimes seeds for starting over after “the end.”  These people have been deemed a “sub-culture” of Western society, because their lifestyles and mindsets aren’t in line with the mainstream. Their visions of apocalyptic end-times don’t jibe with the American dream, so preppers are often (perhaps unjustly) presented as paranoid kooks.
prepping a panic room
Prepping a panic room

Some spend their whole lives prepping.

But what if they’re right? There are almost 320,000,000 people in the United States alone. How will that many people survive if our government breaks down? If grocery stores go empty, fuel reserves dry up, if there are no government workers to police our streets or tend to infrastructure, where will we be? We’ve seen the effects of poverty and anarchy in other countries. Take for example, Argentina, which suffered a huge economic decline in the late 1990s. Many citizens found themselves without food or shelter. People took to the streets, rioting. They destroyed bank buildings and other businesses, frustrated by their very helplessness to thrive when their way of life was taken from them. More recently, we have seen the same thing in Greece. Humans are not so different from one another, regardless of nationality or culture.While it’s unlikely (we hope) that the United States and her citizens will feel that desperation, it is not entirely impossible. Everyone knows that our economy has been in trouble over the last several years. Will we be prepared to sustain our families and maintain our ow-n sanity if “the end as we know it” happens? One of the ways in which you can be better prepared for whatever comes your way is to call Survive-a-Storm Shelters at 888-360-1492 and ask about our above ground and below ground shelters.  And we have survival bunkers as well.
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