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Peace of Mind

It seems as if time just whizzes past us as we move from one life event to another, whether it be a milestone, misfortune, or breakthrough, and while we often measure our quality of life based on these moments in time, sometimes we miss the small things in life for worrying about the big things only to find out later, those little things WERE the big things.  Something taken for granted so often is peace of mind.Peace of mind, or comfort, goes unobserved or unnoticed unless there is some sort of tragedy or disaster where the sense of well-being gets stripped away and families and loved ones are left reeling with the reality that it only takes moments for lives to change.  For anyone who has lived long enough to make it to middle school, you know how scary unexpected change can be.  As a parent, we want to protect our children and everyone we love the best way that we can.  One way to do that is storm shelter protection.

When purchasing a storm shelter, peace of mind comes from knowing the toughest storm shelter is one that offers near absolute protection and is made of 100% American steel. peace

Even then, your steel storm shelter should have been subjected to a series of checks and balances designed by a non-profit organization like the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) or who is merely interested in the welfare of consumers who are buying them.  So what are some of these checks and balances, and who does the testing?Survive-a-Storm Shelters voluntarily subjects itself to increased scrutiny and goes through rigorous tests that include having beams of wood shot at our storm shelters from an air cannon at 100 MPH.  There is another type of testing performed called pressure testing which ensures that your storm shelter won’t leak.  All of our shelters are powder-coated to offer a better quality finish, making them more durable against the elements of nature.  Survive-a-Storm Shelters is committed to making sure that your family’s safety and protection during a violent storm is near absolute, so submitting our products to punitive testing only seems natural.  Not only does it give the President and CEO, Lucas Stewart, peace of mind knowing that he has designed a shelter that can do everything that is expected, but Lucas also knows that the added layer of security from owning one of his storms shelters takes away the burden and stress that so many families living in tornado alley feel every time the skies turn gray.Peace of mind—sometimes we take it for granted until the next storm of our life blows through.  Instead of waiting, give Survive-a-Storm Shelters a call at 1-888-360-1492 so one of our storm shelter experts can help you protect your loved ones.  We have financing options available and all of our products are made from 100% American made steel.
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