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Oklahoma Schools Shelters on Hold

School Community Storm Shelters Stymied by Tax Cuts

It seems that Oklahoma tax cuts have made the news in the Huff Post and Associated Press with this comment:

“It would be nice if every kid in Oklahoma had a safe room to go to,” said Bill Pingleton, the superintendent in the rural town of Tushka, where the school and much of the town were destroyed by a tornado in 2011.

But top officials said the schools shouldn’t expect state help for shelters.”Just adding on a new tax burden on Oklahomans is not the answer,” said Republican State Superintendent Janet Barresi, Oklahoma’s highest ranking education official.BY SEAN MURPHY, THE ASSOCIATED PRESSOKLAHOMA CITY (AP)
With this in mind, it does not discount the idea that children in a State that has between 50 and 100 tornadoes per year needs a community storm shelter for their safety.  Finding room in the budget for protecting our children seems like an easy choice, a no brainer.  But there are more factors to consider.
An installed community storm shelter in Oklahoma
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