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Oklahoma Diversity

oklahoma route 66When some people think of Oklahoma, they think of the heat, the snakes, the bugs and the tornadoes that rip through, leaving devastation at every turn.  But the good far outweighs anything bad that Mother Nature can throw their way.  As a matter of fact, Oklahoma has so much to offer that most anyone would be charmed and amazed at the diversity the state has to offer.For one thing, Oklahoma is home to the largest driving stretch of the historic Route 66 where you can be sure to find many quirky roadside stops along the way.   You can also find the Gene Autry Museum where you can learn about one of Oklahoma’s favorite cowboys.  If you are more interested in the lives of the traditional American Indian, the Red Earth Museum might peak your interest instead.   There are amazing festivals and events as well as a rich history and heritage that can be found in and throughout Oklahoma.

And let’s not forget about Oklahoma University! Oklahoma University logo

The cultural diversity in this South Central state runs parallel to its geographical diversity.  Ethnically speaking, Oklahoma is home to many ethnicities with the main spoken languages being English, Spanish, and Cherokee; however, the official languages are English and Cherokee.  One of the most geographically diverse states, Oklahoma is home to more than ten distinct ecological regions.  In Oklahoma, you can find prairie grasslands, forests, marshlands, canyons, mesas, and even glorious mountain ranges such as the Ozark Ouachita Mountains.Oklahoma is, for many reasons, a dynamic place to plant some roots.  But then, there lies the issue of tornadoes.  How can one plant roots where there is the threat or fear of tornadoes?  Thousands of Oklahomans have turned to us at Survive-A-Storm Shelters where we have a full line of above and below ground steel storm shelters and safe rooms that care more than capable of withstanding even the strongest of winds and the toughest of tornadoes.  Able to resist debris and winds from an EF5, Survive-A-Storm Shelters is the go to company for not only The Home Depot customers in the state of Oklahoma, but also many other citizens who are looking for near absolute protection for their families.  And Survive-A-Storm Shelters does not just help those who live in the great state of Oklahoma, but we are a national company who has the experience and knowledge when it comes dealing with the threat and devastation of tornadoes.If you would like to know more about Oklahoma’s #1 storm shelter and safe room company, check us out on our website at www.survive-a-storm.com or give our storm shelter experts a call to check out the many ways of financing a shelter for your own family at 888-360-1492.  We can also be found in any of The Home Depot stores in Oklahoma as well as homedepot.com.
The leading manufacturer and distributor of prefabricated steel above ground and below ground tornado shelters, and community safe rooms.
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