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Off the Grid Preppers: Out of Sight, Not Out of Their Minds

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Living the dream.  America.  Have we lost what it means?  For people living off the grid or in the prepper communities, they would say yes, most people living in these United States have lost the true meaning of the American dream.  That is why in 2013, over 180,000 US families were reportedly living ‘off the grid’.  Globally, that count is 1.7 billion.  But, wait.  How do we know this?

If there are others living off the grid, how would we even get an accurate count?

That’s the whole idea, right?  Living on their own terms, no government assistance with utilities which saves money, plus there is the whole environmental footprint that is lessened which makes many survivalists very happy.  The fact is, those numbers are impossible to accurately track. But that’s okay.  Just knowing they are out there is enough for some of us.

 Off the grid, survival bunker, panic room

Off the grid, survival bunker, panic room Off the grid, survival bunker, panic roomIt is the preppers and survivalists who have figured out a way to live life on their own terms.  From hunting to growing their own food, from living without electricity to maintaining their own water source-they are modern day MacGyver.  They’re abilities can be pretty impressive.But beyond their survival skills, how are many of them preparing for end of world events?  We receive so many calls each day for someone looking for secret underground survival bunkers.  Somehow they know, we are their go-to company.  With our superior line of steel products, our customers know their shelter will outlive them and be there for their children in the future.  We are a national company with friendly, small-town, customer service.If you are not a doomsday prepper, but still want to be prepared for anything, give us a call at 888-360-1492 to see what kinds of survival products we have to protect the ones you love.
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