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How Owning an In Garage Storm Shelter Can Help You Live a Better Life

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Well, not a better life filled with ‘luxurious travel and dining’ better life, but yeah, a better life.  I mean, think about it.  A tornado starts dancing around your city, coming a little too close to home, and you are unprepared.  You don’t own an in garage storm shelter!  At that moment, though, you wish you did.As your stress level begins reaching for the rafters, your mind starts flashing back to all of those calls by Kaitlin, our industrious sales manager, and you think, I don’t want to go out of this world hearing her voice echo in my head!  And right then, …you wake up!  It was all a bad dream!  This time.

But can having an in garage storm shelter really provide a better quality of life?

owning an in garage storm shelter gives peace of mind
See what Customer Lobby customers are saying about owning an in garage storm shelter from Survive-a-Storm Shelters.
The answer is yes.  Studies show that peace of mind increases longevity of life, or something like that.  And we sell peace of mind!  Many of our customers have expressed how owning an in garage storm shelter from Survive-a-Storm Shelters has given them more than just a place to go to during a tornado.  They now have comfort in knowing their loved ones will be safe whether the next tornado is an EF0 or an EF5.That kind of peace of mind is priceless.  It also equals less stress, which means a better life(See what I did there?)Another way that owning an in garage storm shelter will bring forth fruits of a better life is this:  your spouse or significant other will relax knowing you have provided protection.  And a relaxed spouse is a happy spouse, can I get an amen?!  And if spouse is happy, the kids are happy, everybody is happy!But seriously, owning a storm shelter is important.  And we need to feel important, and in order to do that, we need to do important things-like purchasing a a tornado safe room/storm shelter.We can help with that.  And we are good at what we do.  We are FEMA Compliant, follow all of the ICC-500 Building Codes, and are even members of the National Storm Shelter Association.  We sell our units at The Home Depot locations across the nation. But beyond that, we are a company that cares.  Our main goal is to provide a safe haven for families and communities, and we have shelters to fit all needs.If you would like to know more, give us a call at 888-360-1492.  Kaitlin would love to help give you a better life.   We all would.  The Survive-a-Storm Team wants nothing more than to help protect you and your loved ones.  Don’t delay.
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