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History of Tornadoes: This Day Since 1950

Per Google, there have been no reported tornadoes in the last 48 hours.  And while this is good news, it also shows how chaotic and unpredictable tornadoes can be.  This day in history since 1950 clearly shows in the photo below that it is not uncommon for tornadoes to strike, not just in November, but more specifically, this day in November.
history of tornadoes
Since the 1950’s, tornado history has been all over the map, with no clear pattern of where or even when the next tornado might decide to drop in.

But what makes the 16th of November more special in history than any other day?

Well, nothing!  Weather conditions will always vary, cloud conditions are never identical, and temperatures swing from highs to lows, depending on which part of the country you live in.  Again, these facts support the idea that tornadoes are chaotic and unpredictable.How can we prevent being a tornado statistic?  Well, for starters, we can prepare!  Survive-a-Storm Shelters, America’s #1 storm shelter provider, works with individuals and families, small and large businesses, and even the government and military to provide protection against one of Mother nature’s most violent storms.  This is a task we do not take lightly.With so many people counting on our tornado safe rooms to keep them safe, we work hard to never let them down.  To this day, we have never had one of our shelters fail any of our customers, especially when it counts!With deadly tornadoes like those that devastated Moore, Oklahoma or even the “Tri-State Tornado” that blew through Missouri, Indiana, and Illinois, we cannot afford to repeat history by leaving so many people unprotected.  That is why Survive-a-Storm Shelters works so diligently to make sure our tornado safe rooms and storm shelters do what we say they will do.If you want near-absolute protection from the next tornado that decides to take a trip through your hometown, give us a call today.  We are the solution that will ease your worry and give you the peace of mind you deserve.  1-888-360-1492
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