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Tips about Tornadoes-Lucky 5?

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Is five the lucky number when it comes to tornadoes? Maybe about tornadoes  Just this week, two stories have popped up online that share five tips about tornadoes-staying safe and even spotting one early.One comes from Parade magazine and lists top advice from the book What Stands in a Storm.

Tips about Tornadoes-How to stay safe

  1. Don’t rely only on sirens.
  2. Avoid mobile homes and cars.
  3. Get as low as possible to ride out the storm.
  4. Cover up.
  5. Stay in touch.

Tips about Tornadoes-How to spot one early

Twister Tech: 5 Ways to Spot Tornadoes Early” comes from Popular Mechanics. It offers five ways to spot a tornado on its way. They include:

  1. A more targeted warning system that alerts smaller geographic areas to the possible presence of a tornado so that those getting the warning take it seriously.
  2. A new Doppler that can determine the size and shape of exactly what is in the air — either rain, snow or hail.
  3. The power of sound, including infrasonic arrays that measure super-low-frequency sounds that allow  severe storm activity to be observed from more than 600 miles away.
  4. The power of lightning by using networks of electrical sensors called Lightning Mapping Arrays to pinpoint lightning’s location more quickly.
  5. A 3D tornado simulator for study of the storm in great detail.

More helpful safety resources from Survive-a-Storm

At Survive-a-Storm Shelters, we have put together several resources to help you and your family stay safe in a tornado. Click on the links below to read more.
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