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Christmas Present: Safe Room Please

Who’s ready for Christmas?!  It seems like the US weather is a little confused about the whole thing.  When you look at weather patterns across the United States, there is doubt that there appears to be all four seasons happening at once.  For instance, in the northern states, the local citizens are surely freezing and iced over with single digit and negative degree weather.  This feels like Christmas weather for most of us.  In the southern states, however, people in Florida are still taking warm, breezy walks along the beach.  In some places, there are even a few swimmers still riding the waves.  With temperatures ranging from 76 degrees to the much lower degrees, most people can find their kind of ‘favorite’ weather.  Although for many, warm weather is not a typical Christmas season unless you’re a native.
Christmas weather
Christmas weather is not the same across the United States.
The same can be said for extreme weather events.  Rhode Island is not a state that is overwhelmed with tornadoes.  However, that does not mean that one couldn’t show up.  In fact, one did in 2012 and was considered an anomaly.  In other states, such as Oklahoma and Texas, tornadoes are quite a common occurrence.  And although there is a tornado season per se, a tornado can strike, well, whenever it wants to.  A couple of weeks ago, one of our community shelters saved the lives of over 70 people when a string of tornadoes decided to make an appearance in Alabama and surrounding states!

Christmas this year will be a little more special to them!

Weather is a subject people use for conversation starters, to gauge their clothing choices on, to plan parties around, and other life events.  Disastrous events like tornadoes often come unexpectedly with little or no warning.  The best thing we can do is to prepare ahead of time, much like we do for harsh winters or hurricane season.Purchasing a tornado shelter before tornado season, which is typically in the early spring, can be a big part of your solution.  Survive-a-Storm has made the process of buying a storm shelter so easy and affordable, that there is no real valid reason to hold off!  And with the seasonal specials we have running right now, this IS the best time for buying one.  If you are using your Home Depot credit card to purchase one of our shelters, we pay for the first 6 minimum payments!  If you purchase any other way, then we are offering $250 off the cost.  You cannot lose!  And when the next tornado decides to make an impromptu visit, you and your loved ones will be ready!  Our tornado safe rooms make great Christmas gifts, too!If you would like to know more, give us a call today at 888-360-1492!
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