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Bulletproof Panic Rooms in Schools

A Smart Compromise in the Midst of Controversy?

Our country has been in an uproar over gun control in the past couple of months. Mass shootings are becoming more common every year, and with the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy just before Christmas 2012, Americans are more than ready to find a solution to this growing problem.  Gun Control or Bulletproof Panic Rooms in Schools may be a thing of the future.There is no easy, cut-and-dry answer when it comes to gun control and the safety of our precious children. Some people call to have automatic weapons banned, while others call to arm our teachers and principals.bulletproof panic room bulletproof panic room      Of course, there are serious drawbacks to both of these suggested solutions. As for the first suggestion, we have the 2nd amendment, which is fiercely defended by most Americans. As for the second, there aren’t too many parents who’d appreciate a gun in their child’s classroom, even one accessible only to the teacher (accidents happen). There probably aren’t many teachers who’d feel comfortable with a gun themselves (they’re usually gentle creatures).These suggestions are hotly debated and not very popular on any side. However, there is protecting your family from stray bullets with a bulletproof panic room. At Sandy Hook, a teacher hid her children in cabinets and directed the gunman away from her classroom (unfortunately, she lost her life protecting her students). Her idea was genius; all the children in her classroom survived the ordeal.Bulletproof panic rooms in classrooms,or in central areas of a school, are a safe and secure compromise. No ones right to bear arms is tread upon, and no teachers have to learn how to wield a firearm if they don’t feel comfortable with it. In the case of a mad gunman launching an attack on a school, teachers and students can lock themselves inside their bulletproof panic rooms and wait out the nightmare in relative safety.

Bulletproof Panic Rooms by Survive-a-Storm Shelters

Survive-a-Storm has been testing its shelters for effectiveness against firearms. So far, we’ve tested from a 22 long rifle to a .308, and our shelters have stood up to these. Of course, we will continue to improve our product to withstand higher calibers at close range, but as it stands today, most bullets cannot penetrate our shelters’ 10-gauge steel structural panels.Above ground shelters and safe rooms are the easiest to install in existing structures. While small safe rooms can be built in each classroom, there is also the option of building several larger safe rooms and strategically placing them around the school.bulletproof panic roomToday, many university dorms are built with safe rooms included as part of the new construction. These are meant to protect students and staff from tornadoes, but why shouldn’t they protect them from human assaults as well? It’s a scary and unpredictable world, but we fortunately have the technology today to protect ourselves better than ever before.Call 1-888-360-1492 any time, day or night. There’s no good reason to delay. Let’s keep our children and young adults safe!
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