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Barbara’s Panic Room: Justice is Served

That day was one of those ordinary days.  A day like any other.  Quiet, unassuming, uneventful.  For one person, however, it was anything but ordinary.  Her routine started out normal enough with waking the kids up for school, making them breakfast, preparing bag lunches.  Barbara, a single mom living in Virginia, not too far from D.C., typically worked her hours around her kids’ school schedule; but today was a furlough day, and she wanted to take full advantage of it.The kids made it to the bus stop, so Barbara started planning out her day.  First stop was the nail salon, take care of a few errands, and then lunch with her best friend.  It was going to be a great Friday off of work.  Barbara locked the front door, turned on the radio in her bathroom, and hopped into the shower.As she stepped out of the shower and grabbed her robe, she felt uneasy.  It wasn’t that she heard anything strange, or saw any sudden movement, she just remembers a feeling of dread begin to seep over her.  As she walked through her bedroom and towards the door, she heard heavy footsteps and knew someone was in the house.  Being single and living away from family, Barbara knew whoever it was shouldn’t be there!

She quickly spotted her Survive-a-Storm Defender Vault!

She grabbed her cell phone and quickly locked herself inside her panic room, which was installed in her closet the same week she moved in two years earlier.  She could hear the intruders going through her house as she dialed 9-1-1, praying they wouldn’t realize she was still inside the home.  If she hadn’t been furloughed, she would have been at work and the thieves would have gotten away.  Barbara was able to give the dispatcher her address, and the police officers were able to make the arrest before they could flee.
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In 2014, there were an estimated 1,165,383 violent crimes (murder and non-negligent homicides, rapes, robberies, and aggravated assaults) reported by law enforcement according to the FBI.
Barbara contributes her safety to her panic room, as well as justice to the thugs who entered her home.   When we ask for stories about how our products save lives, this particular one stands out in our minds because it could have had a more sinister ending.  Check out our long line of products such as our residential storm shelters, commercial storm shelters, underground bunkers, and defender vault panic rooms.  We have a room to protect you from storms, intruders, and NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) warfare.Give us a call today at 888-360-1492 to learn more about our products.
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