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The Importance of a Solid Anchor

As America’s #1 storm shelter provider, we must be very absolute and informed of which company we choose to help anchor our storm shelters.  After much research and careful consideration, we only trust our tornado shelters to be secured with Redhead Anchors.   Our Twister Pod, although it has 24 anchor holes, requirements only ask for 12 to be used.  They can be anchored from inside the shelter or outside.  These choices give our customers more choices when placing their shelters.  Our Extreme model uses 20 anchor bolts.  With the amount of pressure that one anchor bolt can withstand, the chances of an EF5 tornado pulling our shelters from their foundations are nearly impossible.


anchorbolts stormshelterOur 100% steel shelters combined with the Redhead Anchoring system provides near-absolute protection to ride out any storm.  We have never lost a customer to a tornado, and we do not intend to either.  We put much thought and heart into our products and spend too much time developing and analyzing to not be confident in what we do, and who we are--America's #1 storm shelter provider.  Ask anyone who has found protection in one of our storm shelters, and you'll understand why they think we are, too!  If you would like to know more, please give us a call at 888-360-1492.  Don't delay, call today!

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