Family Tornado Safety Plan : What Does Yours Look Like?

Tornado season generally begins in the spring months, depending on where you live.  For the area, most commonly known as ‘tornado alley’, April seems to be one of the most active months.  Keep in mind, however, tornadoes can happen anytime weather conditions are favorable.  Do you have a Family Tornado Safety Plan in place? Family Tornado Safety Plan

What is your Family Tornado Safety Plan for 2017?

Comparing the statistics over the last several years, 2017 is, by far, starting out to be the most active and deadliest year for tornadoes.  Sadly, tornadoes have yet to hit their peak season. So, what can we do to prepare?  Well, for starters, it is best to create a plan—one that everyone in your household knows and understands.  Practicing tornado drills can be a good way to prepare your children so that when a tornado is imminent, they won’t panic, but instead, will follow the safety plan.  For some, plans might include seeking shelter in their tornado safe room.  For others, it might be knowing where to go and who to call once they reach their safe place. Using bicycle helmets can protect against head injuries, and seeking shelter in the inner parts of a home such as a bathroom or hallway, away from windows, can reduce other injuries.  If you do not have bicycle helmets, use the top mattress from a bed as a cover while hiding in the hallway. You should never try to outrun a tornado.  If you are seeking shelter in your storm shelter or home, it is best to have an emergency kit nearby, complete with bottled water, a first aid kit, any prescription medications, baby supplies, etc. that will be essential for survival once the tornado is over. You should also keep an emergency call list nearby, being sure to thoroughly explain to any children or elderly relatives who they can call for help.  The emergency numbers can include neighbors, relatives, friends, and even emergency services.  Keeping an emergency cell phone is a great way for people to reach out for help after a natural disaster. No matter how simple or elaborate your Family Tornado Safety Plan is, the most important thing is to have one.  Kind of like insurance, you hope to never be forced to use it, but it is great peace of mind knowing it will be there when you need it.
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