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Tornado History: Friday the 13th

Tornadoes are never foreseeable.  Sure, we can predict that they might possible occur due to weather conditions.  We can say conditions are favorable even.  But to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that a tornado shall occur and when is nearly impossible.

Great Cyclone of 1896
St. Louis and East St. Louis tornado, 1896

Looking back at the history of tornadoes , and more specifically on those January 13th's that happen to fall on a Friday, we can see that since 1950, only 3 have made an appearance.  In 1950, Arkansas suffered 1 fatality and 1 injury when an F3 made an arrival at 5:25 am.  In 1978, Florida had an F0 with no injuries or fatalities, and the same thing happened on a Friday the 13th in California in 1984.

There is no rhyme or reasoning with a tornado.

The above-mentioned states are nowhere near each other.  The only thing similar is the actual day and date.  But there are other days of the week that fall on January 13.  Out of the last 60 plus years, a tornado has been recorded for at least 40 of them on this date in history.  And tornado season is not even close to beginning for many parts of the country.

Tristate tornado march 1925
Tri-State (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana) tornado, 1925
Woodward OK tornado 1947
Oklahoma, Texas tornado, 1947

Indiana tornado

Lubbock tornado 1970
Texas tornado, 1970

Meteorologists can surely monitor areas that are at high risk for tornadoes and predict the probability of tornadoes, but even with all their fancy equipment, they do not know with complete certainty when or where a tornado will occur.  Scientists are always trying to find ways in which they can change that.  But even with today’s technology, we still haven’t found a surefire way to make it happen.Preparation then, is the key to survival.  You might not know when the next tornado will visit your state, your town, or your street, but it is good to know you have a refuge to weather the next tornado.  Owning a storm shelter is worth it.  Ask any one of our customers who have survived severe weather and tornadoes in one of our shelters.

Tornado season is coming!

We want you to be safe.  You deserve to have peace of mind.  Don’t get caught completely off guard.   Scientists might not have developed a way to accurately predict the next tornado, but we have developed a life-saving shelter that can protect you whenever a tornado travels through your past of the world.  We would like to help you.  If you would like to know what we have to offer, give us a call today, or check out one of our shelters in many Home Depot locations across the nation.  Be safe, America.  Get yourself ready.  Be prepared.

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