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Hey Weather! What’s Up?!

What is going on with the weather?That is the question so many people are asking these days.  For instance, on one hand, here in the south we have experienced well over a month without any signs of rain.  This kind of dryness makes any fires, manmade or natural, to spread like, well, like wildfire.  Top these conditions off with several random tornadoes and what we have are people and communities on the verge of panic.One word that seems to describe tornadoes best, besides the word chaotic, is impetuous:weather “Without thought or care” and “moving forcefully or rapidly” perfectly describe what tornadoes are like.  They are uncontrollable, much like the rest of the weather.

In fact, as humans, we are slaves to weather.

If it is hot or cold, raining or snowing, windy or stormy—we dress accordingly.It is such a part of our lives that we rarely think on it more than a few moments as we go on about our busy and productive lives.  Unless we are meteorologists, or are experiencing extreme weather conditions, weather is just, well, the weather.But tornadoes, and droughts, and fires combined?  Well the South has definitely had its share of Mother Nature’s temper.  So, what’s going on, then?It feels like extreme weather is becoming more typical these days.  According to one source, “The last 20 years have produced many more severe weather events than any other period since record-keeping began in 1880.”  Since 1880!

Broadway and Soulard Streets. In Photographic Views of the Great Cyclone at St. Louis, May 27, 1896.

The United States is known as the ‘Tornado Capital of the World’.  With more tornadoes occurring in the US than any other country, it is no wonder.  And even though technology and science have come a long way with being able to determine what ‘favorable conditions' are for tornadoes, they are still at square one at predicting them.  Whole communities can be wiped out in a matter of moments, and the devastating effects are immeasurable.

So, what can be done about weather conditions like impetuous tornadoes?

Protect yourself and the lives of those you care about.  Start there.  Do everything you can to find a way to be within minutes of a steel storm shelter.  It can be a community shelter, or a residential one you have had installed in your garage or home.Recently, one of our Survive-a-Storm community shelters located in the Helicon, Alabama community saved approximately 70 lives.  When unexpected tornadoes destroyed everything around it, our community shelter stood strong.  We are thankful the community members had a place to go.Don’t wait until it is too late to protect your family from an impetuous tornado.  Call 1-888-360-1492 today and find out what Survive-a-Storm Shelters can do for you and your loved ones.

Don’t weather extreme weather unprepared.


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