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Anticipation —What Do You Expect?

Anticipation.  That’s a funny word.  Not like funny ha-ha, but interesting funny.  When you think about all of the things one can be in anticipation for, it can be quite mind-boggling.  And the ways in which anticipation can strike a person is interesting, too.

For instance, we recently moved into our new corporate offices.  The anticipation was almost too much.  Everyone was so excited, and happy, and eager to complete the move-in so we could get settled in and begin work.  Sitting in my new office next to the sales department, I can hear the refreshed and enthusiastic conversations between our sales staff and people from all across the United States, looking for products that can help them.Now anticipation moves to our new customers who are patiently and excitedly waiting for their shelters to be installed, before the next tornado.  For people living in tornado alley, we recognize another kind of anticipation—one that can be filled with fear, or with confidence—depending on who is prepared, and who is not.

Anticipation.  It means ‘looking forward.’

So what are you in anticipation of today?  And what can you do to make sure yours is filled with eagerness and assurance, and not worry or trepidation?  Well for starters, you can develop a plan, and then find the best way to put that plan in motion.Survive-a-Storm Shelters has always worked towards the positive side of anticipation.  We want our customers to be excited that we are coming with the product that will ensure their safety.  We want our customers to be prepared for the next tornado, the next home invasion, the next act of chaos that enters their world.We love the word anticipation, especially when it brings the joyful things to the world.  And we aren’t afraid of the bad things that Mother Nature, crime, and pandemonium can bring, because we have prepared ourselves, and our customers, in anticipation of those things.We are ready.  Our customers and clients are ready.  We want you to be ready too.  What are you in anticipation of?  Call today to find out how we can help!

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