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Second Tornado Season: Are You Ready?

October is coming.  Quickly.  And while we here at Survive-a-Storm sometimes call it the calm before the storm, not many people know that there are more tornadoes in November than in the 3 previous months.  Some even call it the second tornado season.  This is why we always try to encourage anyone who is interested in using October as a month to prepare.  The worst thing we can do is wait until the next tornado is upon us.

Get ready by preparing for the second tornado season.

We have several sizes of shelters to choose from, and depending on your preference, we offer above ground as well as below ground.  In order to make sure our customers are safe no matter which type of shelter they prefer, we have had all of our shelters tested to meet FEMA requirements.  Our shelters are given the NSSA seal which deems them fit to withstand any EF5 tornado, too.We take storm shelter protection seriously.  The last thing we want is for someone to lose trust in us or our products.  The best way we know how to safeguard that trust is to make sure that our shelters have been through the best testing possible.   The NSSA developed not too long after the May 1999 tornadoes of Oklahoma City.  There was a great concern over the quality of storm shelters during that time.The National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University is the top notch facility where NSSA Producer Members like Survive-a-Storm goes to have our units’ debris impact tested.  An unbiased Dr. Kiesling, together with the newly formed association, developed the original industry standard. As Producer Members, we must meet their criteria.  The truth is, we want to!Not only do our customers sleep well at night knowing they have shelter in the storm, but we, too, sleep much better knowing our shelters are superior products that are lifesaving.

If you want to beat the second tornado season rush of the year, give us a call today!

Any one of our storm shelter experts can ease you through the process of protecting you and your family.  Don’t delay, call 888-360-1492 today!

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