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Prioritize Your List. And We’ll Prioritize Ours.

Fall is the season where making a list almost becomes a necessity.  We make lists for school supplies, lists for groceries for the routine family dinners that start back with scheduled routines, and even lists for things we need to prepare for the upcoming holidays, including the winter season.

Sadly, prepping for the next spring tornado season gets placed on a back burner until the first storm blows—and then everyone wants a shelter “right now!” At the first sound of a tornado siren, you get added to a long list of customers, all waiting for their shelter to be manufactured, delivered, and in most cases, installed.

Here’s the thing.  We don’t want you to be placed on the bottom of some other company’s list.  We make sure you are a priority!

If you are making preparations to protect your family now, we want to make sure you don’t have to wait.Tornadoes are unpredictable.  Seasons can be unpredictable, too.  Heck, life is unpredictable!  So why take chances or hold off on something you know you are going to need once the holidays are over?September is National Preparedness Month, and as it winds down and the fall season begins to ramp up, we want you to be ready for whatever comes your way.  Go ahead, make your list.  Just remember, find a spot near the top to give us a call.  We’ll help you discover how easy it is in getting your very own tornado safe room or underground storm shelter.  We’ll place you at the top of our list!

Let’s make an appointment today for your site visit from one of our Outside Sales Representatives.  They are experts on helping determine the best location for your shelter needs.  All you have to do is make the call.  888-360-1492  We’ll help you the whole way along.Don’t delay.  Find a way.  Prepare early for the next tornado season so you don’t have to be placed on a long waiting list during the most vulnerable time of year—tornado season.

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