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National Preparedness Month: September

September.  With the new month comes a new season, and as we prepare for the fall, we must also prepare for what lies ahead.  What can we look forward to? The calm before the holidays, the kickoff of college football, cooler temperatures, and of course National Preparedness Month.  For that, we are thankful.

So what is National Preparedness Month, and what should we be preparing for?

The best part about having a month dedicated to preparedness is that it doesn’t just focus on preparing for one thing.  National Preparedness September kick-off is our reminder to prepare for a multiplicity of emergencies.  Ones that could affect us in our homes, at work, or wherever we are.Survive-a-Storm Shelters knows the importance of this campaign.  Especially considering the products that we manufacture are designed especially so our customers can be prepared.  We have tornado safe rooms, below ground storm shelters, panic rooms, underground bunkers, and storm steps—all of which prepare our customers and give them peace of mind.

We are committed to educating consumers and the general public of the importance of preparing for a crisis situation.  No matter the scale of the disaster—whether it be personal, community-wide, or national—the individual impact can be devastating.  Unfortunately, for some however, unless the emergency comes close to their own spaces, they don’t think to prepare.With Hurricane Hermine lunging towards the coast, causing tornado-like activity and damaging winds, our phones will be ringing off the hook.  Hermine will be just the decision-maker some people need to prepare ahead.   But more than just natural disasters, we are able to help you prepare for many kinds of situations.If you would like to know more about our product lines, please don’t wait.  Give us a call today at 888-360-1492 to find out more or check out our website at of the hashtags that will be evident throughout social media this month include #NatlPrep #YouthPrep and #PrepareAthon

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