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Panic Room Sales on the Rise


Owning a Panic Room isn't just for the 0.1 percent any longer.  Our Defender Vault Bulletproof Panic Rooms are a valuable benefit to any home in need of protection from home invasions, ISIS attacks, and natural disasters.  In our opinion, why should the privileged be the only ones with an advantage?

Our panic room is not only bulletproof, but is now affordable to a wider audience.

All of our Defender Vault Panic Rooms are have a double-layer design to include a 10-gauge steel panel on the outside, and 5/16” inner panels.  This meets NIJ level 3 ballistic resistance.    Our panic rooms come in two-foot panels and can be installed by a two-person team in nearly any area of your home.

For the casual prepper or the hard-working spouse who wants to ensure the safety of their family, owning a Survive-a-Storm Shelter’s Defender Vault Panic Room couldn’t be easier or make more sense.  With so many unforeseen events taking place within the country, and even closer to home such as our very own cities, communities, and neighborhoods, why wouldn’t you want to have protection?Don't let finances keep you from making the decision either.  We have lenient lenders who are comfortable with credit challenges and are often able to get our customers into a panic room paying as little as 0.9% interest!  What's even more exciting is the fact that your panic room is also able to double as a tornado safe room!It's a fact that our panic room sales have increased in the last few months.  It's also a fact that our customers are extremely pleased with our Defender Vault series panic rooms.  Don't delay when it comes to protecting your family in this unsettled world.  We've made it easy and affordable.  What more could you ask for?  Give us a call today at 888-360-1492 to find out how you can own a panic room today!

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