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Panic Rooms Can Save Lives


Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Most everyone has heard of the movie "Panic Room" where Jodi Foster locks her child and herself inside of their safe room as a form of protection against 3 deadly intruders. It seems like a Hollywood dream to have such technology available, and if real, it could be only attainable for the filthy rich. But that is just not the case. With all of the current crime and gun-related issues going on in the world right now, we here at Survive-a-Storm are making it our priority to make panic rooms available to all families who feel the need to be safe.

What good are panic rooms against danger?

A panic room, when equipped with an alarm, or a phone, or even both, as well as an instant locking system, can protect any of your loved ones from trespassers and unwanted intruders. But what is even better, is that our panic rooms can also double as a tornado safe room, storm shelter, or even storage for things like artwork, collections, jewelry, etc. Anything you consider to be of value can be placed in your shelter, of course that is, as long as it fits. And you’ll want to be sure to leave enough room for your most valuable possessions... your loved ones.

No matter what your station is in life, if you need protection, we have your panic room!

No matter what you choose to allow your panic room to serve your needs, one thing remains, our DefenderVault - Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Rooms are built stronger, safer, and more affordable than any other panic room on the market. Give us a call today to find out your options. Don’t let the false assumption that panic rooms are only available to those with big money keep you from protecting your family.

To find out more about our DefenderVault - Above Ground Bulletproof Panic Rooms, call 1-888-360-1492 today!

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