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Visible Scars Left by Tornadoes


Last Updated: July 28, 2016 When a tornado touches down, it leaves damage and disaster behind. We usually think of that damage in human terms -- a family forced out of its home, its most cherished possessions destroyed, its physical safety threatened. But did you know tornadoes leave visible scars that can be seen from space?That's true even when there is snow on the ground, as shown in photos taken this week by a NASA satellite flying over New England. Posted on The Weather Channel website, the photos show a scar from an F3 tornado that hit Springfield, Mass., in the summer of 2011.While the physical scars to the earth are noticeable, the human scars from that storm were deeper. The tornado killed three and destroyed a wide swath of property when it ripped through Springfield on June 1 nearly four years ago. In fact, one elementary school, Elias Brookings, was wiped off the map and has only now been rebuilt. It will open for students, who have been making do in temporary modular classrooms, next week.

Visible Scars:  Working to reduce the impact

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