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Personalize Your Safe Room or Storm Shelter

Last Updated: July 28, 2016 We love our safe rooms and storm shelters.  We also love our customers.  So when we receive emails with pictures showing us how customers have taken their unit, the way they personalize it, and make it their own, we get really excited.  Just the other day we received an email from a great Survive-A-Storm customer in Alabama.  He told us how pleased he was with his Garage Model and he also took the time to send some pictures along with the email.  His pictures really gave us a tour of his shelter and how he had personalized it to better fit his own needs.  As with most customers, he was using his Garage Model as a safe place to shelter during dangerous weather.  His pictures showed how he had installed a fire extinguisher on the wall along with a first aid kit.  He also had a big safety light on the wall and sleeping bags under the shelter’s benches.  He was preparing himself and his storm shelter and making it really user-friendly.  He obviously takes his family’s safety really serious and we think that’s a wonderful thing.

Nothing says ownership like the the word personalize!

This unit is one of our older below large units that a customer decided to personalize
Some of our shelters could even be highlighted on HGTV!  We have one dear customer in the great state of Indiana that really tapped into her underground shelter’s possibilities!  She had a hand-painted mural installed on her shelter’s wall complete with curtains on each side and throw pillows on the bench seating which she referred to as “the park bench”.  She said she wanted to ride out the rough Tornado Alley weather in comfort and style and we think she achieved her goal! Do you have a personalized Survive-A-Storm safe room or storm shelter that you would like to share?  We would love to see it!  Just email us some pictures along with a brief description at
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