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Making New Memories and Giving Them Up to Help Storm Survivors


Last Updated: July 28, 2016 Last weekend, a shop owner in Sycamore, Ill., helped make new memories for some young survivors of the April 9 Fairdale tornado. And a 78-year-old Missouri resident gave up the chance to relive some of his own to help victims of the storm that struck northern Illinois. Here are their stories.

Making new memories at party fit for a princess

New sparkly duds, freshly curled hair, a pink-frosted cake and a visit from two princesses. It doesn't get any better than that for little girls. That's particularly true when the little girls' homes were destroyed by a tornado less than a month ago.Two tiny girls, ages two and three, were treated to a princess party at Me Unique, a Sycamore, Ill., party and wedding shop on May 3. Shop owner Lisa Wakefield provided new sparkling gowns for the girls, handed them scepters, made sure they had freshly styled hair, and passed them fat slices of cake with pink frosting served on on gold plates.It was a day, according to Wakefield, when the girls could forget about the F4 tornado that hit Fairdale on April 9, destroying their homes and most of the possessions inside.Then she made sure they were able to carry a picture of the new memory away with them, as they posed for professional photographs with the Disney princesses on hand.“[Many] photos were lost during the tornado,” Wakefield told the Daily Chronicle. “It’s huge that we start to rebuild those memories for them with these pictures that they can hang back up on their new walls.”

Hurricane veteran gives up Making New Memories Event by donating travel money

Dan Moyle of Lake of the Ozarks, Mo., donated $250 to disaster relief efforts for Fairdale storm survivors. He had been saving the money to attend a reunion of Vietnam veterans this summer. But, as a two-time hurricane survivor, he decided to donate a chunk of the money to help Fairdale survivors instead.“I hope the best for them,” Moyle told the Daily Chronicle. “I have no idea the number of people that need help, but if there’s one, that’s one too many.”

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