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Lost and Found: Finding the Way Home After a Tornado


Last Updated: July 28, 2016 In the aftermath of a tornado, so many things can be lost and found.  And there can also be many heartwarming stories. Some involve narrow escapes. Some involve rescues. Some involve rebuilding a community that has been devastated. Others contain everything from a returned wedding dress to a replacement football jersey. Here are a few of those stories.

Lost and found #1-Redress

News out of Limestone County, Alabama, this week tells the story of a woman who was reunited with her wedding dress, one year after it was swept away by a tornado. The dress was cleaned, restored and returned to her after it was found among donated items at a tornado relief effort on Highway 72.Tammy Haddock, the dress owner who had lost everything in the previous year's storm, said she will give it to her daughter some day.“I don’t know how much more grateful I could be. Each year, God has thrown something at me that made me more grateful, just for living, for having life. And for the small things,” Tammy told WHNT-19 News.

Lost and found #2-Puppy love

Two dogs, Twister and Rose, lost their owners and their homes in a tornado in Jones County, Miss., last year. The pit bull mix and German Shepherd spent some time in a shelter before being adopted by new loving families.Twister, the more stressed of the two canines who had trouble finding a new forever home, found one in Georgia after the rescue had "Twister Week" to promote adoptions, according to WFSB-3 News.

Lost and found #3-Bear hug

Fairdale, Ill., tornado victim Tyler Rowan lost his favorite Chicago Bears jersey in the EF-4 storm, according to reports. So his family reached out to the Chicago Bears, who surprised him with a replacement for the #54 jersey, a cherished keepsake from his late grandmother. This one was autographed by #54 himself -- Brian Urlacher.Rowan says he will frame the jersey and take it wherever he goes.

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