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Interest in Storm Shelters Spikes


Last Updated: July 28, 2016 The rush is on. Thanks to the March 25 storms in Oklahoma that left four dead and more than a thousand homes and businesses damaged, Survive-a-Storms is seeing an uptick in inquiries about our storm shelters.  Interest in storm shelters spikes!No surprise there. Experts say the best place to be in a tornado is inside a storm shelter, so we are glad to know that homeowners are following good advice.

History repeats itself as interest in storm shelters spike after the May tornadoes

It's not the first time Oklahoma residents stepped up their interest in tornado shelters. Back in May 2013, when a mile-wide F5 tornado hit Moore, consumer interest in safe rooms increased dramatically, partly due to the severity of the storm and the financial help that was available.The ShelterMoore Grant Program, funded primarily by the Red Cross, helped make storm shelters more affordable for many residents of the town of Moore, OK. The grant reimbursed Moore residents for up to $2,500 of the cost of installing a storm shelter in their homes.Survive-a-Storm helped with several storm shelter models of varying sizes, priced starting at less than $3,500. And Survive-a-Storm’s knowledgeable storm shelter experts helped guide residents through the process of applying for their rebates.

Difference in severity

This time things are different. The tornado that hit Moore during rush hour on March 25 was much milder, an F2,and the federal government has determined that Moore is not eligible for federal disaster assistance.“Based on our review of all the information available, it has been determined that the damage from this event was not of such severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the state, affected local governments, and voluntary agencies,” according to a letter from FEMA.As a result, Governor Mary Fallin today announced that the state has now requested a disaster declaration to help small businesses in Tulsa and Cleveland counties through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Don't wait until something major happens to peak your interest in storm shelters.  Now is the time that help for businesses affected by the storm might come through. But whatever happens, now is the time to prepare for any storm coming your way.  Survive-a-Storm Shelters can help you do just that. Call Survive-a-Storm Shelters at 888-360-1492 and talk to one of our experts about installing a FEMA-approved above ground or below ground shelter that will keep your family safe in a storm.

Survive-a-Storm Shelters offers near absolute protection with our full line of above and below ground shelters. All of our FEMA-compliant Survive-a-Storm Shelters have been tried and tested and are able to withstand winds and debris from any EF5 tornado.And with affordable pricing and the many financing options we have made available to our customers, nearly anyone can afford one.

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